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Daughter of Crone

Take the role of a young witch named Eyfrid and master the ways of magic. Explore the mystical kingdom of Ervein and uncover its deep, dark secrets. Learn to cast spells, brew magical potions, and cultivate a little herb garden in your harmonious forest home. The world is vast enough for you to find friendship and loveā€¦ Or some very powerful enemies. It is up to you to shape the destiny of Eyfrid, the Daughter of Crone.

The game features a delightful top-down pixel world, a rich cast of NPC:s to befriend or fall in love with, low-stress turn-based combat and an agriculture system where the player can grow their own vegetables and magical herbs. You can immerse yourself into a story with multiple endings or enjoy the simple life of a village wisewoman.

Jinxed Bird started developing Daughter of Crone in the spring of 2022. Release date TBA.

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Jinxed Bird


JinxedBird is a dynamic team of two people: Toni and Elisa. Elisa is the mostly the artist and Toni is mostly the programmer. But since our team is so small, we have to wear multiple hats. Both of us have always been dreamers. For us, games are a place to escape the crushing realities of life and live your own fantasy. Our goal is to build worlds to get lost in and pack them with good gameplay and memorable stories.

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